Online Booking Platform for Delivery Services

Save time and money on instant delivery, parcel courier, and international courier services. DelyvaNow is a delivery booking platform to provide you with multiple delivery service options so you can select services that meet your needs and requirements. Easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks. Deliver now from RM 4!

Send your parcel, documents, food or groceries with DelyvaNow. Powered by DelyvaX.

Delivery Management Software

DelyvaX is a SaaS-based delivery management system for e-commerce companies and delivery service providers. With DelyvaX, your business has the flexibility to manage delivery using their own riders or drivers, and/or integrate with third-party courier providers of their choice; with your own driver and customer apps.

The Best SaaS Delivery Management Software - the best platform to deliver operational excellence and superior customer experience.

“Deliver, the right way.”