Meniaga Partners With Delyva For Last-Mile Delivery


Press release by: Business Today

Delyva today announced that the meniaga e-commerce platform developed by Invoke Solutions Sdn. Bhd. has chosen its delivery booking system that features more than 20 delivery services including on-demand services and regular couriers. Integration work is currently being performed and it is expected to complete soon so all merchants on meniaga can start accessing a fresh delivery booking system this Ramadan.

Hanif Wahid, CEO of Delyva said, “We’re helping meniaga by connecting them to on-demand couriers, domestic couriers, and international couriers that they did not previously have access to. Using only a single interface, meniaga will now have access to multiple delivery services. We’re grateful they have picked our system.”

Affendy Hasni, Product Head of meniaga

Affendy Hasni, Product Head of meniaga said, “Partnering with Delyva gets meniaga access to more delivery and courier partners across the country, allowing us to expand into cities beyond Kuala Lumpur. By introducing courier services on meniaga, we can also attract merchants with non-F&B related businesses, which currently make up the bulk of our platform’s offerings.”

He continued, “As an example, a flower seller from Cameron Highlands can now open a digital store on meniaga and start delivering flowers to the Klang Valley and beyond.”

Safwan Rahman

Head of Growth at Delyva. We help eCommerce & qCommerce businesses save time and money on deliveries, retain more customers and scale faster.