Streamline & Grow Your Courier Aggregator Business

Simplify your courier aggregator business management with our white label cloud-based software and focus on your growth.

Scale up your courier service business with DelyvaX Courier Delivery Management System

Powerful Courier Aggregator Software

Expand your courier aggregator swiftly with DelyvaX, empowering you to streamline operations, minimize delays, and accelerate your path to success.

DelyvaX offers a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of your courier aggregator business efficiently, from customer onboarding, payment, and seamless order processing to automated delivery tracking updates.

Experience seamless integration, robust features, a proven and reliable platform, and unparalleled support, enabling you to focus on growth and delivering exceptional service to your customers.

DelyvaX,Courier Delivery Management System for Courier Service

All-in-One Courier Aggregator Software

Automate your entire courier aggregator process, from your customer’s onboarding, payment, ordering, invoicing, integration with third-party couriers, to tracking and delivery tracking updates, completion and reporting.

Seamless Customer Experience for Courier Aggregator Software

Seamless Order Processing

Our web app allow for instant quotes, booking, payment, and shipping label printing, while seamless integration with e-commerce and warehouse software to ensures efficient order processing. Real-time status notifications enhance transparency and communication.

Powerful Back-End for Courier Aggregator Software

Powerful Back-End

Efficiently manage your customers, orders, invoicing, services, pricing, pick-up and delivery coverage, and promotions, track pick-up and delivery progress, and keep your customers happy with our easy-to-use admin operations portal all in one platform.

Seamless Return Solution for Courier Aggregator Software

Streamlined Return

DelyvaX Return Portal designed to streamline and simplify return processes between your e-commerce merchants and their customers.

Seamless Customer Experience

Automate your entire delivery process, from your customer’s booking, to assignment of tasks to driver or third-party courier, to tracking to delivery completion and reporting.

End-Customer Portal for DelyvaX Courier Delivery Management System

Instant quotation

Allow your customers to check for courier rates instantly. Sort by rates or route perforamnce.

Flexible payment options

Offer your customers versatile payment solutions tailored to their needs. Prepaid options for micro and small businesses to bolster your cash flow, while extending credit terms to corporate clients for added convenience. Supported payment gateways: Stripe, Fiuu (RazerMS), Kiple, billplz, BoldPay.

Seamless order management

Easy-to-use customer portal to book for delivery and courier services, print shipping labels, import bulk orders and connect to e-commerce and warehouse software. 

Automated notifications

Send automated pick-up and delivery status notifications via e-mail, SMS, push notifications, or even webhooks.

Seamless Order Processing

Easily integrate with of e-commerce, quick commerce and warehouse  management software with your branded plug-ins or custom APIs and forget everything about manually importing orders!

Shopify for Courier Aggregator Software
WooCommerce for Courier Aggregator Software
Magento for Courier Aggregator Software
Odoo for Courier Aggregator Software
AC2 Wave for Courier Aggregator Software
Maynuu for Courier Aggregator Software

Streamlined Return Process

Enable your e-commerce merchants to provide customers with a streamlined return process using DelyvaX's comprehensive Return Solution. This solution allows them to create branded return pages and manage return requests efficiently through our intuitive Return Portal. Simplify returns and enhance customer satisfaction with our customized solution.

End-Customer Portal for DelyvaX Courier Delivery Management System

Ready Third-party Courier Integrations

Expand your courier aggregator network and boost sales with our multiple delivery types courier integrations. Seamlessly connect with domestic, on-demand, and international couriers. Divert orders to your own fleet or third-party couriers for optimal efficiency and profitability.

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Powerful Back-end

Efficiently manage your courier aggregator busines operations with our comprehensive management solution and powerful admin portal. Easily manage customers, invoicing, services, pricing, pick-up and delivery coverage, and promotions for a streamlined process and growth.

DelyvaX Live Operations Portal Courier Delivery Management System

Order management

Manage orders, assign tasks, schedule, update status and monitor all in one place.

Order Status Updates

Effortlessly update delivery status with the manual update, and barcode scanning in single or bulk, improving accuracy and transparency in your courier operations.

Customer management

Manage customer information, preferences, pricing, and monitor their usage in real-time. Generate and send invoice for credit customers.

Fleet management

Manage your riders, drivers, teams/branches and hubs and analyze their performance.

Customise services & pricing

Manage different services, and pricing with multiple tiers of customers and introduce new services and payment plans. Pricing by weight, distance, mileage, cash on delivery or other add-ons.

Advanced Coverage

Manage your service coverage by countrywide for international delivery, by postcodes for domestic, by  polygon or radius for on-demand, instant and same-day delivery.

Multi-carrier management

Extend your delivery network with multi-carrier management. Connect your services to courier, allowing you to divert orders to your own fleet or 3rd party couriers based on pick-up and delivery locations.

Reporting & analytics

  • Customers analytics
  • Orders report
  • Transactions report
  • Drivers commission

Why use DelyvaX for your courier business?

Faster sales closing

More sales. Better cash position. Higher margins. Better Profits.

Time to Market

Time Is Money. Faster Implementation. Move Faster & Scale Successfully. Speed is everything in the digital era

Very Low Upfront Cost

Small initial investment, predictable costs.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lower fixed cost, predictable maintenance costs.

Easy to Use

Provide a better experience for your customers and your teams.

Advanced features

Advanced features and simplified for ease of use.

Latest technology

Enjoy Continuous Innovation; Access to new features; Continuous improvements.


Integration with your existing proprietary software and other services with our open and ready APIs.


Auto-scale infrastructure; Instances & storage grow when needed, on-demand, so you only pay for what you need.

Great support

Ongoing & unlimited support.

Managed cloud

No need for onsite hardware or capital expenses. Anywhere and anytime access. Secured

Automated Backup

Peace of mind; Worry free IT.

Great companies are already using DelyvaX to digitise and modernise their business


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Streamline and grow your courier aggregator business with DelyvaX

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