7. How to register as a customer?

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Here is the video to learn about this topic: How to register as a new customer


How to register and log in as customer?

As an admin, you can also become a customer. In order to do this, simply sign up and log in as a customer.
Note: you can also use a consumer mobile app.


Log in form


Sign up form



  • Open your customer web portal e.g. https://your-company-code.delyva.app/customer
  • Sign up.
  • Check your email for verification code and verify your email address.
  • Log in as a customer.


How to change payment term for customer?

You can change the payment term for the specific customer whether to used Debit or Credit.




  • Click “Customer” at the left sidebar.
  • Search for customer and go to “Action(s)”. Click edit icon.
  • Click “Billing & bank information”.
  • Change payment term in the form given (Debit/Credit).
  • Fill up the maximum credit limit to 1000.
  • Click “Save”.
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