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Better Consumer Experiences

Engage more with your customers to help them monitor and get updated on their order status in real-time with the exclusive customer mobile app.


Better Customer Experiences

Engage more with your customers with the exclusive customer web dashboard with easy to use features so they can improve their productivity and focus more on their daily activities.


Be in Control of Your Operations

Strictly Private & Confidential.

Have better insights & be in control of your operations.

Monitor your orders, tasks, routes, and fleet in one place.


Empower Your Fleet Productivity

Empower your personnel; drivers or riders with the best tool either to do pick up, delivery, selling, or recruitment.


Manage Everything in One Place

Manage all your customers, fleet, orders, tasks, services, pricing, coverage, consignments, reporting, and analytics all-in-one place.

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DelyvaX is the best delivery management system for eCommerce, delivery service, courier, logistics, taxi, manufacturing & on-demand companies - an integrated system, from customer's order to delivery.

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