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What are your rates like?

Save money on every shipment.

Whether you send 1, 10, or 100 parcels a day, DelyvaNow users enjoy cheaper shipping rates typically reserved for bigger companies. No minimum commitment or contract required.

DelyvaNow offers a wide range of delivery services from next day delivery to runner services and more. To get more accurate rates, we highly suggest using the rates calculator. It is also available in your dashboard when you sign in.

Just fill in the address / postcode and weight of item. Then click get rates and you will see the services available and the rates.

Delyva also offer special delivery rates for certain courier services. Compare the special rates here.

How to pay for delivery?

You can top up credits into your DelyvaNow account and credits will be deducted from your account for every completed booking, based on the actual delivery rate.

Save more with top up plans. Check out the top up plans here.

Also you guys can check out this video tutorial for more details.


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