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Packing your orders properly will ensure that shoppers receive them in good condition.

How should I pack my orders?

You may need to use different packing techniques and materials, depending on the type of products to be shipped. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the different packing requirements for different types of products.

Basic packing tips

  1. Wrap the item with bubbles wrap
  2. Pack any accessories separately
  3. Choose box or flyers that is bigger that the item and fill in the extra space with filler materials.
  4. Tape the openings of the box or flyers tightly.

Special packing tips for clothes

  1. Fold the clothes properly so that it can be fit into the flyers
  2. Wrap the clothes with parchment paper
  3. Pack the clothes properly and seal the flyers.

Special packing tips for high-value electronics

High-value electronics such as tablet computers, laptops, monitors and TVs are fragile and should be packed carefully to prevent damage. Follow these steps when packing high-value electronics.

  1. Use a sturdy cardboard that is bigger than the item.
  2. Place accessories in different plastic bag.
  3. Use styrofoam padding to fill in the extra space.
  4. Tape the opening of cardboard tightly.

For Electronic Devices, the items will come together with the box. So, seller has to take extra step to ensure that the parcel is well protected and the item inside is safe from damaged. Retail packaging is usually not enough to provide adequate protection during transit. Put extra layer of bubble wrap around the packaging to absorb impact.

Special packing tips for liquids

Liquids such as soap, shampoo, cream, and other beauty / personal care products may leak or spill when in transit. Follow these steps to ensure that liquid products are properly packed.

  1. Seal the cap tightly and wrap it with bubbles wrap.
  2. For packages with multiple items inside, please wrap each item individually before placing them in a box.
  3. Fill in the extra space in box to put the liquid with fillers and bubble wrap.
  4. Seal the box or flyers with tape properly.

For liquid products, secure the bottom of the box with extra tape so bottles will not fall out. The cap of the item must be secured by tape to avoid any leakage and the whole item must be covered by thick bubble wrap (at least 3 layers). Also, the gap inside the box must be filled to ensure there is no movement when courier is handling the parcel.

Seller should also use hard and sturdy box to ensure it can hold the weight of items inside.

Special packing tips for glassware/fragile item


Do pack the item individually and separately, internal packing must be no empty space

Do use filling material to pack each of the fragile item (Example material like Bubble Wrap, Foam Wrap, Cardboard etc) internal packing must be no empty space

Do use strong & sturdy double-wall corrugated boxes

X Do not allow fragile item touch each other

How can I maximise protection to my parcels?

Products which are packed with minimum packaging and does not have enough protection will increase possibility of damaged parcel during delivery and lead to high return and refund cases especially for bulky items.

To prevent damage during shipment, always pack your parcels carefully with adequate protection and label the fragile items with bubbles wrap, fragile sticker, air cushion, filler and tight tape.

Small item need to package according to the size of the box

X Do not packing using big box with a small item and gives empty space for shipment to move.

Use a waterproof, sealable primary container.

Pad the empty spaces of additional containers so that they don’t touch each other – the materials should also be absorbant to contain any leakage.

Ensure the bottles are placed upright (you can use markings on the outside of the package to ensure they stay this way in transit).

The final, outer container should be able to contain any potential leakage.

What documents do I need when I pack my order?

Before shipping your order, you will need to have the airway bill for your order.

The airway bill contains important information about the order and is a proof of consignment. Here’s an example of an airway bill with Pos Laju.

Before shipping your order:

  1. Print 1 copy of the airway bill in preferred size.
  2. Attach the airway bill securely to the parcel or pouch, ensuring that the barcode is clearly displayed.
  3. PL9 Form (optional)

Before shipping your orders. Make sure you check all the guidelines and checklist to avoid any dispute between sellers and buyers. Having a checklist is a good things to do before you ship your item. This checklist is to ensure that all action have been take before parcel head out.

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