Deliver parcels using Flexiprepaid by Pos Malaysia

As a business selling online, it is important to know the different options available to get products delivered to your customers.

Pos Laju is one of the most popular courier services in Malaysia. But Pos Malaysia also offers a more economical delivery option called Flexiprepaid.

Flexiprepaid is great for ecommerce businesses because it allows you to save more on shipping costs and offer better prices to your customers.

What exactly is Flexiprepaid?

Flexiprepaid is a delivery service by Pos Malaysia that allows you to send light weight items across Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak, at a much cheaper price.

This option however, is limited to only up to 2kg and will take longer than express courier service like Pos Laju.

How to deliver items using Flexiprepaid?

There are different ways in which you can get Flexiprepaid service.

  1. You can purchase Flexiprepaid envelopes, that comes in sizes S, M, and L, at any post office. 
  2. You can use your own packaging and purchase Flexiprepaid sticker label at any post office.  
  3. You can print your own label through 

How to use Flexiprepaid via

Delyva is a one-stop shipping solution for ecommerce. With Delyva, you can get all your shipping done with one account and only a few clicks.

As mentioned above, you can simply print Flexiprepaid label through and attach it to the packed parcel. Here’s how:

  1. First you will need to login your Delyva account. Register for free here if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Click on create new shipment and fill in delivery details such as sender address and recipient address.
  3. After you have gone through the form and completed payment, it will generate the official Flexiprepaid label. Print it and attach it to your parcel.
  4. There is no pick up service for Flexiprepaid so you will need to drop-off the parcel at the nearest post office.
  5. The recipient will get tracking info through email if you filled in their email address during the booking process.

Flexiprepaid rates

Here are the rates when you use Flexiprepaid through

Weight Price Coverage
Up to 500g RM4.00 Whole Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak)
Up to 1kg RM6.20 Whole Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak)
Up to 2kg RM7.90 Whole Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak)
* The standard of delivery for Flexiprepaid is 3-5 days for within Peninsular Malaysia and 5-7 days for Sabah/Sarawak.

Flexiprepaid vs Pos Laju

Flexiprepaid is not a Pos Laju service. Pos Laju offers premium service with next day delivery standard, whilst Flexiprepaid offers economy service with delivery standard between 3-7 days.

You can also print Pos Laju label through and schedule for Pos Laju pickup at no additional cost and no minimum volume requirement. Check Delyva courier rates.

Benefits of using Flexiprepaid via

Our mission at Delyva is to help you grow your business by saving you more time and money on shipping.

When you use Flexiprepaid via, you can:

  • Get cheaper delivery rates for delivery across Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak)
  • Streamline your shipping process
  • Track your parcels in a click
  • Automatically notify customers of tracking updates
  • Auto save your customers’ address
  • And get access to customer support via live chat

Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions regarding Delyva or Flexiprepaid.

Save time and money on shipping