Cash on Delivery (COD) with DelyvaNow

Selling with Cash on Delivery within Malaysia is an easy, affordable, and secure way to grow your business.

Free to start. No contract require

Build trust & increase sales

Build trust by giving shoppers the option to pay when they receive their order with cash on delivery.

Applicable for all types of domestic delivery services

Start taking COD orders for domestic delivery. Instant delivery, Same-day delivery & Next-day delivery.

Anywhere within Malaysia

Provide Cash on Delivery to shoppers outside your local geographic location.

Cash on Delivery - Delyva Courier Partners

Free access. No minimum commitment or contract required.

J&T Express
DHL eCommerce
Flash Express Malaysia

How can Cash on Delivery benefit your business?

  • Your products get delivered faster because there's no need for processing FPX & credit card payments.
  • Because not everyone has access to or prefers using a credit card, you'll receive greater sales volumes.
  • Although you may pay for your order using a credit card or FPX, cash on delivery is frequently less expensive than other cashless payment options in terms of fees.
  • Customers are more inclined to buy costly goods, especially if they can pay cash on delivery since even though credit cards online may seem safe, many consumers are still hesitant to use them.
  • Offering cash on delivery in Malaysia can also be a smart way to reduce the number of credit card disputes.
  • This payment method is especially beneficial for cash-based businesses, including those selling high-end goods and services who want to expand their customer base without losing cash on delivery.
  • Your e-commerce store can benefit if you offer several shipping methods as part of your online shopping process.
  • You need to have reliable carriers that won't damage or lose your products along with an effective warranty program in case there are issues delivering them safely. You should include information about cash on delivery as well as alternative options such as PayPal and credit cards so customers know they have choices when it comes time to pay for their purchases.

Cash on delivery can benefit your eCommerce & quickCommerce store and help you generate more revenue.

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