eCommerce International Shipping Simplified

Expand your business internationally. Ship your orders easily across 200+ countries via multiple couriers & track them all in a single place.
eCommerce International Shipping Simplified with Delyva International Courier Service Partners


Global Purchases
About 20% of online sales are cross-border and worth over $200USD each


Boost in Sales
International sellers have roughly 12.5% more volume compared to domestic shippers


Sales Growth
Global eCommerce sales are expected to increase from $2.4 trillion to $4 trillion USD by 2023
Empower your eCommerce business growth across Asia.

Send parcels from Malaysia to...

malaysia singapore crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to Singapore

from RM31.30 RM19.80 (1st 0.5kg)
malaysia indonesia crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to Indonesia

from RM50.60 RM39.78 (1st 0.5kg)
malaysia thailand crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to Thailand

from RM41.54 RM34.17 (1st 1kg)
malaysia taiwan crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to Taiwan

from RM51.5 RM46 (1st 0.5kg)
malaysia hong kong crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to Hong Kong

from RM51.50 RM46 (1st 1kg)

Malaysia to Philippine

From RM48.80 (1st 0.5kg)
malaysia china crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to China

From RM83 (1st 1kg)
malaysia australia crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to Australia

From RM90.80 (1st 0.5kg)
malaysia vietnam crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to Vietnam

From RM99 (1st 1kg)
malaysia india crossborder ecommerce

Malaysia to India

From RM105 (1st 1kg)

Malaysia to Japan

From RM117 (1st 1kg)

Malaysia to South Korea

From RM117 - (1st1kg)

Malaysia to United States

From RM119.20 (1st 0.5kg)

Malaysia to United Kingdom

From RM134 (1st 1kg)

Send parcels to Malaysia from...

send parcel from singapore to malaysia

Singapore to Malaysia


from RM61.30 RM19.32 (1st 0.5kg)

Safely delivered by our trusted international courier service partners

Access to multiple international couriers

Aramex International Courier Shipping
Janio International Courier Shipping
SF Express International Courier Shipping
AsiaXpress International Courier Shipping
QXpress International Courier Shipping
Teleport International Courier Shipping
Just 3 easy steps & it’s done

How it works?

Book for International Courier Shipping Service
Step 1


Book for the courier service

Pack and Wait for International Courier Shipping Service to pick up your parcel
Step 2

Pack & wait for pick-up

Pack the item with the printed shipping label & invoice.

Unified tracking for multiple International Courier Shipping Service in one place
Step 3

Delivery & Track

Wait for our courier partners to come pick-up and tracking number will be send automatically to customer

More than just delivery

Robust delivery features to help you scale your business

Discounted Rates

Save money on every delivery with our cost-effective international shipping rates.

More Markets

Sell and ship your parcels to more than 200+ countries

Asia Focus

The best international shipping rates to Asian countries especially Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and India.

Insurance Protection

Protect your international shipments against the risk of damage or loss with claims up to MYR5,000

Great Support

Live support for 365 days a year.

Easy Integration

Integrate with your leading shopping cart and social commerce app like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Ejen2u, FastOrder, Orderla, KiahStore or your custom system for a more seamless cross-border eCommerce experiences.

Real-time Courier Rates

Display live international courier rates on the checkout page to provide options to your customers, automatically. Eliminate overpaying or underpaying for international shipping.

Streamlined Process

Ship your international orders faster through automated shipping workflows. No matter which international courier, track all your international shipments in one place.

Instant Updates

Send real-time tracking notifications to your buyers via Email & SMS

Branded Experience

Enhance your buyers’ experience by placing your logo, name, support details & promotions on your tracking page with our Branded Tracking & Notifications feature.

Instant Quotation

Get your international shipping rates instantly.

Trusted by leading brands in Malaysia

Telekung Siti Khadijah Ship Internationally with Delyva Courier Partners
Fynn Jamal RTW  Ship Internationally with Delyva Courier Partners
JomRun  Ship Internationally with Delyva Courier Partners

Our customers tell us that Delyva is easy to use, reliable, and makes their delivery a breeze. They love it, and we think you'll love it too.

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Jue Maslihan
Jue Maslihan
Online chat always responsive and super helpful! Such a reliable and user friendly apps. Shipping rate reduced from the first time I used this apps. Various courier service options available too.. amazing delyva app!!! Thank you for your service!!!
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Flying Ooi
Flying Ooi
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Md Mubeen Sahib
Md Mubeen Sahib
good service from delyvahub fast respond team highly reccomended
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Umaira Kamal
Umaira Kamal
i have a problem with my customer address details and i'm asking the customer service and they respond me so fast! thankyou for your great service
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Marilyn Emmy
Marilyn Emmy
Fast response and really answering my inquiries! thank you so much
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a low shipping volume; should I offer international shipping?

Offering international shipping is not related to the volume of sales. In fact, it may be exactly what your business needs to expand and reach a wider audience. With DelyvaNow, it does not matter if you have a high or low international shipping volume. Our platform is free to use, and you do not need a minimum order amount to use our dashboard for your global eCommerce shipping.

Can small businesses offer cost-effective international shipping?

Yes, they can, but small businesses may not have the bargaining power bigger businesses have. You can cut down on international shipping costs by taking advantage of the services of a platform like DelyvaNow, that provide your small business with pre-negotiated rates with leading international courier companies.

How can I arrange international delivery for my business?

With DelyvaNow, you can get the best international shipping for your eCommerce business or marketplace in just a few clicks. Simply introduce the details of your shipment on our shipping tool, and you will get an instant quote.

Do sellers have to pay for customs when shipping internationally?

Generally, the buyers have to cover duties and customs fees that may arise because these are calculated once the package or packages enter the country of destination.

Is it worth it to offer international shipping for a starting business?

Even though some online sellers may think it is hard to ship internationally, most businesses think it is worth it because it has the potential of opening up the sales to a much broader audience. In the end, Shipping internationally is not much more complicated than shipping domestically, and once set up, international shipping is definitely worth it for eCommerce and marketplaces.

Is it complicated to offer international shipping for eCommerce?

It can seem complicated, but offering international  shipping is a matter of planning ahead. Before you start, you will have to get familiar with shipping regulations, taxes and import limitations. But the good news is that this is only done once, when you start! When you have figured that out, booking international courier service for your eCommerce site can be done in just a few minutes - with the help of DelyvaNow.

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Expand your business internationally.

Ship your orders easily across 200+ countries via multiple couriers & track them all in a single place.
Expand your business internationally with Delyva International Courier Shipping Service