6 Steps to Send Parcel from Malaysia to Singapore (2023 Edition)

If you are planning to send a parcel from Malaysia to Singapore, you need to find the best international courier service provider so that your package can travel hassle-free. You may also want to look for the most cost-effective international shipping rates to ship to Singapore while your package is handled professionally.
But first, here’s a quick ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ that you need to be aware of before sending one.

Do’s and Don’ts When Sending Parcel From Malaysia to Singapore


  1. Please ensure that you have properly packaged the parcel and have all the necessary labels.
  2. Make sure to include a copy of the invoice with the shipment.
  3. Contact details of you and the recipient are accurate and clear.


  1. Never include prohibited items in your parcels.
  2. Forgetting to include important documents like permits and certificates.
  3. Did not check Singapore’s customs regulations before sending

5 Steps To Send Parcel from Malaysia to Singapore

Step 1. Get Shipping Rates / Price

You need to find out what the shipping rates are since the rates are different depending what courier service that you want to use. It is advisable to use a tool like DelyvaNow Shipping Rates Calculator.

You can get a quote from multiple couriers at once, saving you time and effort by not having to go through each courier individually.

For best results, include the weight and dimensions of your package, as well as its destination country’s postcode.

Be sure to weigh and measure your packages correctly, so you are able to avoid incurring any extra fees.

  • Using a set of scales, weigh your package in kilograms.
  • Measure the length of your package.
  • Measure the width of your package.

Step 2. Choose Courier

There are many different couriers to choose from. Be sure to decide bases on what’s suitable for you business needs. It is important to find the right one for your business needs because it can make a big difference in how quickly your items get delivered.

Below are the couriers available on DelyvaNow for sending a package from Malaysia to Singapore.

  • Teleport Standard International
  • Janio
  • Aramex International

Step 3. Print Shipping Label

Once you have selected your preferred courier, wrap your package properly. Use a lot of tapes if necessary. This is to make sure that the package is as secure as possible.

Don’t forget to print the shipping label and stick it on your package!

delyva international shipping label

Step 4. Wait for the courier to pick-up

Wait for the courier to pick up the parcel(s) at your location. Personally, this is the best option. But there are services that require a multiple parcel for pickup to be available for you.

You can check the pickup requirement during courier service selection.

Step 5. Delivery & Status

Delivery and tracking are one of the most crucial aspects of the delivery process. Courier partners are often used to quickly pick up and deliver packages, but customers don’t always have visibility into where their packages are at any given time.

Hence, with DelyvaNow, customers/recipients will be able to track their deliveries in real-time on their mobile phones as they go because the tracking number will be sent automatically to them via SMS or Email.

As a sender will also be able to automatically receive notifications when a customer has confirmed that they have received their package.

How Much Cost to Ship From Malaysia to Singapore

The cost to ship from Malaysia to Singapore can vary depending on several factors. In general the factors are the weight and size of the package, the shipping method, and the shipping company.

For example, if you’re shipping a small package under 2 kg, using a standard shipping service like Pos Laju, you can expect to pay around RM20 to RM30. If you use a courier service, like DHL or FedEx, the cost will be higher, around RM50-RM100.

However, if you’re shipping a large package or heavy items, the cost will be higher and can range from RM100 to RM300 or more. And there might be additional charges for customs clearance and handling fees.

You can check these prices when using DelyvaNow Calculator.

Which Courier Service Is Best In Malaysia to Singapore

Some of the most popular courier services that operate between Malaysia and Singapore are:

  1. Pos Laju: This is the national courier service of Malaysia, and it offers a range of shipping options, including standard, express, and next-day delivery. Pos Laju is known for its affordability and wide coverage area.
  2. DHL: This is a global courier service that offers fast and reliable delivery. DHL is ideal for shipping large or heavy items, as well as for sending items that require special handling or tracking.
  3. Aramex: This is a global courier service that offers express and economy delivery options. Aramex is known for its reliable and efficient service, as well as its ability to handle large or heavy items.
  4. FedEx: This is another global courier service that offers fast and reliable delivery. FedEx is known for its efficient tracking system and customs clearance process.
  5. UPS: This is another global courier service that offers a range of shipping options, including standard, express, and next-day delivery. UPS is known for its tracking system and its ability to handle large or heavy items.

It’s always best to check the prices, transit time, tracking options and customer services of each company before making a final decision.


With the eCommerce industry constantly growing at a fast pace, international shipping is the new now for many businesses. It gives the opportunity to reach a wider audience and sell products to them, especially Singaporean customers.

It may sound complex and difficult for the first time but DelyaNow makes the process of sending a parcel from Malaysia to Singapore much easier and less stressful.


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