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Customer Stories

Swagger Malaysia

Swagger Malaysia

"Delyva ini memudahkan kita dalam memasukkan data sehingga print,"

Jiham Kaligrafi

"Delyva memudahkan flow operasi, tidak perlu isi borang,menjimatkan masa,"

Kartini Suhari

Handmade Soap & Mirabelle Stokist

"At first, I just help my friend in purchasing Mirabelle and Kekaboo. Few months later, I got an offer from Mirabelle HQ to be an agent of Mirabelle. I started my business without using any capital.."

Ralisya Resources

Educational Toys & Books for Children

"I’m selling edutoys, edubooks and health products for kids and babies. Doing nothing at home makes me feel bored and then I started my own business and have my own income."

Pro DIY Kit

Motorcycle & Car accessories

"I'm in the auto care business (transport care products). I started very small from one product and now we have created five products in total. I’m selling through online channels."

Cetak Legasi Malaysia

Wedding Printing

"We started our business at home. We do a printing of all kind of label/sticker. Then, we started to focus on wedding doorgifts, labels and invitation cards. After our business became more stable and sales increased, we moved to a physical shop."

Yaya Ismadi (polaroidstoryhm)

Polaroid Photography

"I started my business when I in university because I did not get PTPTN and I did not want to burden my family. Since I had a printer, I started to think what I can do with my printer. That’s when the printing service started. At first, I just printed my own polaroid. Then I thought about sharing with others so that they can have their own polaroid for cheaper price."

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