Pro DIY Kit

Restore & Change Colour Plastic Parts Motorcycle & Car

The Interview

Can you tell us about your business story? How did you get started?

I'm in the auto care business (transport care products). I started very small from one product and now we have created five products in total. I’m selling through online channels. How I thought to do this business was because I’m using motorbike and car. There were some parts in motorbike and car will dull. Usually people will buy the new parts or just spray it. If buying the new one, it will cost a lot and plus handling charges too. Meanwhile, spraying need to have skills. From that, I got an idea which I created a product which customers can just do it by themselves.

What are the channels/platforms that you used to gain sales?

Shopee and Facebook are the platforms that I used to generate sales. I started to sell using Facebook as I’m an online seller and didn’t expect that my products will have high demand. I didn’t have any brand name for my products at first but as my products got more awareness, I created a brand name for my products which is PRO DIY KIT. Then I started getting business from Shopee as well.

Through your experiences, how was it like in using Delyva?

Delyva really helps me in doing my business. The rate is lower compared to the regular PosLaju rates. Because of the saving, I can provide special packaging for my customers and having it wrapped properly. The website is also really easy to use for me. Every day the postman come to collect my parcels until they can even recognize me.

How would you feel if Delyva no longer exists?

For me as a seller, if Delyva no longer exists, I will be facing high costs and I would need to go to PosLaju center by myself. So my time will be spent a lot more on that. Delyva has allowed me to focus on more important aspects of my business.

What are your advice for other small businesses out there?

My advice is whatever the products that you sell, you need to have confidence and never give up. For shipment, you may use Delyva as they offer the lowest minimum topup and the best thing is you can get lower rates for PosLaju.

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