Yaya Ismadi (polaroidstoryhm)

The Interview

Tell us about your business story. How did you get started?

I started my business when I in university because I did not get PTPTN and I did not want to burden my family. Since I had a printer, I started to think what I can do with my printer. That’s when the printing service started. At first, I just printed my own polaroid. Then I thought about sharing with others so that they can have their own polaroid for cheaper price.

Which channels/platforms are you using to get sales?

I’m using Instagram and Facebook. However, I mostly use Instagram as I am not so active on Facebook. Most people will attract people with nice picture from advertisements. I take the best picture of my products and upload to Instagram. Apart from that, people buy from me because I provide more affordable price and many different types of polaroids.

How has Delyva helped you with your business?

I do my business online and I knew about Delyva from social media. I do not have transport to ship out orders to customers. Delyva has help me to collect all the parcels since it is a door-to-door service. The rate is also cheaper and I don’t need to hand-write the form anymore. I just need to print out the consignment note and this makes my job easier and save my time as well. I can also check the shipment records.

Which Delyva feature is your favorite?

I love all the features. Very systematic and fastest service. The best thing is Delyva provides pick up at my home and the rate is cheaper.