Kartini Suhari

Handmade soap and Mirabelle stokist

The Interview

Can you tell us about your business story? How did you get started?

At first, I just started helping my friends purchase Mirabelle and Kekaboo hijab. A few months later, I got an offer from Mirabelle HQ to be an agent of Mirabelle. I started my business without using any capital. A year later, I got an offer to be one of the stokist for Mirabelle. Alhamdulillah. Now, I have 10 agents and 30 dropship agents under me.

What are the channels/platforms that you used to gain sales?

I'm using Instagram, WhatsApp group, Facebook, and Shopee to gain sales for my business. I first started getting sales on Instagram. A lot of the marketing were done by HQ and customers find my business through the hashtags created by me. I got many customers from Instagram because it's easier for them to look at the photos. I also provide cash on delivery (COD) for my customers.

Through your experiences, how was it like in using Delyva?

Delyva makes my work easier in managing customers orders and shipping. I do not have to handwrite the customer’s address on the consignment note. Delyva also helps me save more time and energy because of the pick up service. I no longer have to face long queue at the post office anymore.

How would you feel if Delyva no longer exists?

Sad and I need to do everything the old way again. It would be difficult for me as I need to go to the post office, handwrite the customers addresses, and my time will be spent more on waiting for my turn at the post office.

What advice would you give for other small businesses out there?

Use Delyva to fulfill orders and shipping because it will save you a lot of time. We can also ensure that our items will arrive in a timely manner. If delayed, Delyva team will help us to track our item. You can also save a lot more money because of the cheaper rate. I feel lucky to have seen Delyva's ads on Instagram.

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