Cetak Legasi Malaysia

The Interview

Tell us about your business story. How did you get started?

We started our business at home. We do a printing of all kind of label/sticker. Then, we started to focus on wedding doorgifts, labels and invitation cards. After our business became more stable and sales increased, we moved to a physical shop.

Which channels/platforms are you using to get sales?

We are using online channel such as Facebook and Instagram. These two channels are being used for marketing purposes. From these channels, the customers will WhatsApp us and we will guide them on how to submit order. They need to submit order through our website (woocommerce). As we are only a small company, it’s difficult for us to get recognized by others so we creat ads through Instagram and Facebook to create awareness. The ads are running every day.

How has Delyva helped you with your business?

We needed a courier service to get the orders delivered to our customers. And, we needed a shipping system that makes it easier for us to manage the received order from our website. Therefore, we started using Delyva as we can integrate the website order data with the shipping system. Delyva helps our process to become easier and faster. With the more efficient shipping process, we are more trusted by customers. Thanks, Delyva!

Which Delyva feature is your favorite?

The integration (Woocommerce). We don’t need to type anymore as the shipping data from our website has been integrated with Delyva. The best thing is we can use credit card and pay on weekly basis.
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