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The Interview

Can you tell us about your business story? How did you get started?

I’m selling edutoysedubooks and health products for babies. Doing nothing at home makes me feel bored and then I started to do business. Besides that, I also wanted to have my own income. 

What are the channels/platforms that you used to gain sales?

I currently sell on own website, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook and Instagram. I started with Facebook and Instagram. From that, I start building trust and recruited agents. When I started getting agents, I set up my own website for this business. Then I tried to expand my website and ask my existing customers to use the website. Now, I’m also using Shopee and Lazada since it’s a shopping trend. 

Through your experiences, how was it like in using Delyva?

So far I’m very satisfied with the shipping rates. I can request for pick up without any additional cost as well. The minimum topup is very suitable for a startup business like me. Before this, I used another shipping solution. Overall, I’m highly satisfied with Delyva service. Thank you for the great service and hoping that Delyva can maintain the rates as it is really good for online sellers like me.

How would you feel if Delyva no longer exists?

I will feel very upset because have to find similar services like Delyva.

What advice would you give for other small businesses out there?

You need to use a shipping solution like Delyva as it will help your business to keep moving forward.

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