Pos Laju Rate Guide 2020

Pos Laju is definitely the most popular choice for online sellers and buyers in Malaysia because of its rates and country wide coverage.

For online sellers or E-commerce businesses, it’s really important to know the delivery charges. Charging too much for shipping can result in increase of abandoned carts and absorbing shipping costs can be a danger to your profit margin.

Here is a complete guide on delivery charges via Pos Laju courier service. This guide was updated in April 2020.

Walk-in counter rates – domestic

Pos Laju postage prices will vary based on the “from” and “to” location (zones) as well as the actual weight and size (volumetric weight) of the parcel. Check out the rate table below.

Poslaju rate table Source: Pos.com.my

You can also check the rates using the postage calculator on the Pos Malaysia website.

Using the table rates to calculate the cost of postage can be tricky as you might under or over estimate the price. Bring the parcel to any Pos Laju counter and they will give you the exact pricing after weighing your item. See the list of Pos Laju branch and contact.

Pos Laju prepaid envelope and box

Prepaid is a much easier option compared to the walk-in and weighing your parcel at the counter. Knowing the exact cost before hand allows you to better set the shipping charges for orders. Pos Laju Prepaid Box and Envelope are for items that weigh between 500g to 10kg posted within Malaysia. There are two types of Pos Laju Prepaid Envelope and Box:

Types of poslaju prepaid Source: Pos.com.my

Prepaid envelope and box for delivery within peninsular Malaysia, inside Sabah and inside Sarawak:

poslaju prepaid price peninsular malaysia


Source: Pos.com.my

The blue prepaid boxes and envelope are for the use of peninsular – Sabah, peninsular – Sarawak and Sabah – Sarawak. Here is the table of PosLaju rate for blue-colored.

Pos Laju Prepaid Price for East Malaysia

Source: Pos.com.my

How to get cheaper Pos Laju rates

Pos Laju also offers discounted rates for businesses. This allows businesses to reduce shipping costs and maximize profits. To get cheaper than over the counter rates, you need to register and become a Pos Laju contract customer.

Contract customers need to commit large volumes to get lower delivery charges but that doesn’t benefit smaller online sellers. Plus, they also require a deposit to become a contract customer.

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