Promo Flash Express from as Low as RM5 – 3KG!

We want to help you achieve your goals, and we’re dedicated to improving our service every day.

That’s why we have a Special Flash Express Promotion — from RM5 – 3kg!

We are working hard to make Flash Express delivery rates promotions available for all DelyvaNow users.

And we’re confident that these low rates will allow you to get more sales by…

  • Offering better delivery rates to your customers.
  • Offering Limited-time free delivery to your customers
  • Offering Free delivery on orders over RMX Amount
  • Offering Free delivery when your customers buy 2+ items
  • Absorbing the delivery rates to offer free delivery to your customers.
  • and more!

Hope by now, we’ve given you enough ideas on how you can go about offering delivery promotion within your online store by taking advantage of this DelyvaNow Flash Express promotion.

Note that these rates are only available for a limited time, so please start delivering your orders using Flash Express today!

Terms & Conditions

The promotion is for plans B100, B1000, and B10000.
The promotion is for West Malaysia to West Malaysia only.
The promotion is not applicable from Sabah / Sarawak to East Malaysia.
The promotion is valid until 31st March 2023 only.

Why should you deliver with Flash Express?

  • Lowest Cash on delivery (COD) Courier rates

    The minimum charges are RM3.

  • Fast Cash-on-delivery (COD) Courier settlement

    7-14 working days after the delivery date.

  • Wider coverage within Malaysia

    Within Peninsular Malaysia, Peninsular to East Malaysia, & East Malaysia to Peninsular Malaysia, Within Sabah, Within Sarawak, Between Sabah and Sarawak.

  • Free door-to-door Pick-up

    No minimum parcel. Save time & money, no need to drop off.

That’s it! If there’s anything that we can help you with, feel free to reach out via live chat. We want to ensure your experience is the best it can be with DelyvaNow!

Happy Selling!

Ready to grow your online business?

eCommerce Delivery Simplified with Delyva

Robust delivery features to help you scale your business

  • Discounted Rates with no minimum parcel
  • Faster expansion with more delivery coverage (20 + courier partners)
  • Great Support – 365 days (8AM – 10PM)
  • Easy Integration with eCommerce platform
  • Connect your own courier accounts
  • Real-time Courier Rates
  • Streamlined Process
  • Instant Shipping Updates
  • Branded Experience
  • and more!

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