Set Up Your Shopify Store for eCommerce Domestic and International Shipping with Delyva

Why use Shopify and Delyva for eCommerce Domestic and International Shipping?

  1. Connect to 20+ couriers
    • Save more on delivery rates
    • Deliver your customer expectations with 1 hour, 4 hours, Standard Courier delivery
    • Delivery of multiple item types: Document, Parcel, Food, Cake, Bulky, Furniture, Chill, etc
    • Sell and deliver to International markets with 200+ countries covered
    • Connect your own courier account and enjoy direct courier billing and credit term
    • Collect Cash On Delivery (COD) from your customers
    • Premium insurance coverage option available for 1.06% of the value of the goods
  2. Seamless Order Processing
    • Display shipping rates on the cart and check-out page and allow your customers to choose their preferred courier
    • Push orders automatically and reduce typos and mistakes
    • Print all labels in one go in Delyva web portal
    • Manage all your delivery orders in one place via web and mobile, on the go
  3. Post-purchase Experiences
    • Notify your customers automatically so they don’t bother your customer support
    • Post-purchase Experience with Branded Tracking Page & Notifications
    • 365 days support, Monday – Friday: 8 am – 10 pm via Live Chat


How to set up Shopify and Delyva for eCommerce Domestic and International Shipping?

Step 1 – Install Delyva Shopify App

Log on to Delyva customer > Integrations


Click on Setup


Click on Shopify > Setup > Shopify App Store


Click on Add app


Installation complete. To configure the app, click on Settings and make sure to Auth Billing

Step 2- Setup Delyva Shopify app


  • New order action
    • Process immediately – New Shopify orders fulfilled to Delyva will be processed immediately.
    • Save as draft – New Shopify orders fulfilled to Delyva will be saved as draft and you will need to manually confirm the delivery orders in Delyva web portal > Drafts > Select orders > Book.
  • Processing day:  This will determine how many days will be added when to the scheduled date when the delivery order is being created and pushed to Delyva.
  • Processing time: This will determine how many hours will be added when to the scheduled date when the delivery order is being created and pushed to Delyva.
  • Default item type: PARCEL for eCommerce and FOOD or PACKAGE for quickCommerce.


Set fulfillment options in your Shopify Settings > Order processing > after an order has been paid: 1) Automatically fulfill the order’ line items – Shopify will be pushed to Delyva automatically after the customer’s payment is successful. 2) Don’t fulfill any of the order’s line items automatically – Shopify will ONLY push to Delyva after the store admin has manually changed the order to Fulfilled in Shopify > Orders.


Step 3- Ensure all configurations are in order

If you would like to select and display only your preferred couriers in the cart and check out page, go to Delyva customer web portal > Settings > Service Providers > Select the couriers you would like to use and move them to the right by clicking > arrow icon and make sure to click Save. If you did not select any courier, all couriers will be available for selection depending on origin, destination, and weight.


Now, you can try buying experience from your store, from add product to the cart, viewing the cart, viewing check out page, make payment and fulfil the order as store admin


Feature “courier options” on your Shopify store’s checkout page requires:

  • It is on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.
  • The Shopify plan is paid annually.

Depends on your Shopify Order Processing Settings, if you choose manual option, you will need to mark order as fulfilled manually to push the orders to Delyva.


All the best!



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