Instant & Same-day Delivery with DelyvaNow

A win-win situation for both the customer and the sellers. Customers are happy because they get their packages on the same day and don't have to wait for the order to come in, and sellers are happy because they sell more.

Customers can get their products delivered on the same day.

Customers can get their products delivered as fast as 4 hours after placing orders. This is very convenient for them.

Increase sales and profits by selling more

Get 100x more customers and 10x more sales by getting your products delivered instantly.

Offer an amazing customer experience

Allows customers to order anything, anytime and anywhere, and have it delivered right to them within the same day.

Instant & Same-day Delivery - Delyva Courier Partners

Free access. No minimum commitment or contract required.

With Instant & Same-day Delivery, you can send just about anything to your customers within one day, as fast as 4 hours! One of our customers even said...

"It's like magic!"

How can Instant & Same-day delivery benefit your business?

  • Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction - To meet the needs of customers who are unable to wait or can’t make it to the shop, same-day delivery is very valuable. The customer’s satisfaction will be higher if they are able to place purchases or pick up returns on the same day. When you provide a streamlined client experience, people are more satisfied.
  • Build a Trust Relationship - The backbone of a successful company is its happy customers. The same-day delivery services make it possible for you to reach this goal. Your dependability and professionalism are promoted through express delivery.
  • Less Friction in The Purchase Decision - The biggest hurdle facing e-commerce is the long wait periods for the goods once they have been delivered. Additionally, same-day delivery mitigates this disadvantage.
  • Lower Inventory Costs - Since utilising a same-day delivery service, companies are able to store fewer daily inventories.
  • Faster Performance - When you understand that your staff must finish their work and go for the day, you will definitely get things done. Conventional delivery services imply that workers are likely to sort tomorrow’s inventory, but will have already left the workplace by the time their shifts are done.
  • Maintain a Competitive Edge - With so many businesses offering next-day delivery and other advantages, it’s critical to provide things that your competitors do not - deliver on the same day!
  • Increasing Conversion Rates - If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re probably aware that there are occasions when you add something to your cart, read the projected delivery date, and just can’t bear the wait. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you just go to Google and look for a rival that offers the same products but with a quicker delivery option.

Instant & Same-day delivery can benefit your eCommerce & quickCommerce store and help you generate more revenue.