3 Steps To Get Cheapest Courier Service in 1 Minute

11 Cheapest Courier Service in Malaysia

Getting the cheapest courier service without compromising delivery quality is one of many processes that business owners take into account. Whether finding an international or domestic company, comparing logistic rates with a site calculator is a hassle and time-consuming. Here’s a quick list of courier services that offer the cheapest rates according to your business needs.

We’ll go to a domestic courier service company first.

1. DHL eCommerce


Not to be confused with DHL, DHL eCommerce offers a more affordable rate for e-commerce business owners while ensuring security of your package. So, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your package will be delivered in pristine condition.

2. Poslaju

Our local courier hero! Pos Laju have won the loyalty of most Malaysians and currently have the most wide local delivery network. On top of that, Pos Laju also offers international delivery services that cover almost covers every country.

3. Pickupp

Having expanded to Malaysia in 2018, Pickupp started offering last-mile delivery services in Malaysia and even partnered up with local courier companies like Kirimman, ParcelHub and Parcel Daily.
Offers deliveries from as low as RM4.50, Pickupp also offers same-day and standard delivery services that take one to three days, allowing customers to choose the service that suits their needs.

4. Teleport

International Courier Service Delivery

Teleport is the logistics arm of Capital A (formerly AirAsia Group) that offers a modern day delivery solution and is dedicated to be a fully digital infrastructured courier. Teleport offers fastest delivery with affordable flat rates.

5. Ninjavan

The ideal selection for our local e-commerce sellers. Ninja Van offers a very competitive rate with other courier services while still being a very quick and reliable courier.

6. The Lorry

TheLorry focuses on long haul tracking, fast-moving consumer goods and bulky e-commerce delivery. Famous for offering logistic services for house moving, furniture disposal and lorry rental. They’ve become competitive on delivering bulky goods by offering seamless booking experience.

7. Line Clear

lineclear logo delyva

Line Clear Express integrates the latest technology and infrastructure into their business operations to meet shipping requirements of any size. It’s an emerging courier service in Malaysia, tackling precision delivery with affordable rates.

8. J&T Express

Our local e-commerce business favorites, hands down. Famous for being present anywhere in Malaysia, J&T Express offers courier service with unbeatable rates and offers.

9. KEX Express (Formerly known as ABX Express)

Personally, it’s a dark horse of courier services in Malaysia. They actually have around 2500+ delivery vehicles operating daily and 720+ service locations around Malaysia. After 38 years of courier servicing experience, they are now known as KEX Express.

10. Flash Express

Flash Malaysia Express offers businesses for a free door to door pick up, low COD rate, 365 days delivery operations with no holidays. They are determined to provide fast, and reliable courier services, aiming to become the No.1 integrated e-Commerce solution provider in Southeast Asia.

11. Pgeon Delivery

Pgeon Delivery eCommerce Integration with WooCommerce Shopify Magento EasyStore Shoppegram

An all-rounder choice for domestic shipments. Pgeon opt for paperless service and offers a free pickup..

Below is a quick rate comparison across 11 courier services for a parcel weighing 1.0kg.

Courier service Shipping cost (1.0 kg /=)
DHL eCommerce RM6.45
Pos Laju RM6.45
Pickupp RM4.5
Teleport RM7.65
Ninja Van RM6.35
TheLorry RM29.5
Line Clear Value Pack RM5.9
J&T Express RM6.95
KEX Express RM8.5
Flash Express RM6
Pgeon Delivery RM6.95

6 Cheapest International Courier Service in Malaysia

Are you planning to penetrate international markets too? Here are the 6 cheapest international courier services available in Malaysia.

1. Janio

Based in Southeast Asia, Janio provides international shipping solutions across
Asia including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,
Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand.

2. Aramex

Centrally located at the crossroads between East and West, Aramex provides customized
logistics solutions anywhere in the world effectively

3. SF Express

SF is one of the leading integrated express logistics service providers in China. Have an
advantage of network scale where they built an integrated logistics network of “Aviation
Network”, “Ground Network” and “Information Network.

4. QXpress

E-commerce logistics solution provider that has a variety of service fields from warehousing to
the last mile delivery. Their Malaysian branch encourages Malaysian sellers to look for
opportunities in other markets such as Singapore, Korea and Japan.

5. Teleport

They cover not just domestic but also international destinations from as fast as 24 hours at
unbeatable flat rates!

How To Monitor Cheap Rate Courier Service?

You can use aggregators like Delyva to check courier rates on one site. Delyva offers an instant price check in 3 simple steps.

Delyva Price Monitoring

Step 1: Sign Up

sign up with delyva

Login to your Delyva account. No credit card required upon sign up.

Step 2: Fill in required details

Just fill the pickup postcode and delivery postcode in the Instant Quote section. You may choose delivery item types and key in the weight. Click “Quote” when finished.

Step 3: Compare

A list of available courier services will appear. You can start comparing their rates according to your delivery needs. Once decided, continue the process by clicking “Book”.


Having easy-to-compare courier company rates will help you to efficiently decide and help your business process along the way. With Delyva, all courier services rates available are able to be monitored in one site, locally and internationally, helping you to reduce costs without jeopardizing the delivery experience.


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