5 Things To Consider Before Using Any Delivery Service in Malaysia (2023)

Nowadays, businesses have to take into account giving the best delivery experience to their customers. If their customers want their goods on the same day, or even within 4 hours, businesses need to take up the challenge. You can call it whatever you want, on-demand delivery, instant delivery, and same-day delivery.

What Is a Delivery Service?

In general delivery Services means the pickup of one or more local products from a local merchant and delivery of the local products to a customer. But in Malaysia, the term now is more as a delivery service which is an alternative to shipping with a courrier, directly delivering to customers within a day in a specific distance coverage .

Type Of Delivery Service in Malaysia

1. Same Day Delivery Service

A fast door-to-door delivery where your goods will be delivered directly to the recipient. No waybill label required.

Believed to be a better option for both customers and sellers. Sellers can expect that the fulfillment will be completed and the customer will receive what they bought within 4 hours. Ideal for orders that are ready to be immediately picked up.

List of Delivery Companies in Malaysia (2022)

1. Grab Express

Their services include food, mart, delivery, and transport. Customers are encouraged to go cashless to minimize physical contact. Since they are using the same rider from GrabFood, they have a large coverage and rider frequency.

2. Lalamove


Lalamove is now well known in delivery services. They offer delivery from the smallest item like documents to bulky items like furniture. Additionally, they also do food deliveries within Klang Valley.

3. Pickupp

An affordable delivery service in Malaysia that offers to deliver your items like groceries, hot food, frozen, flowers and hampers. You can also choose their 2-hour or 4-Hour delivery

4. Borzo (Mr Speedy)

Borzo food delivery

Previously known as Mr Speedy, they provide motorcycle or car delivery services of up to 10kg. As of now their service is exclusive to Klang Valley and its nearby areas.

5. Bungkusit


A modest dispatch service that runs on a humble principle of helping customers no matter how small the delivery task. Bungkusit is only able to deliver anything that, as quoted by them, “fits on a motorbike”. They can help deliver food and other stuff and even forgotten items.

6. Tapaw

Based in Shah Alam, Tapaw has a complete delivery ecosystem between Dealers, Riders, Agents and Consumers. Another fast-growing delivery service in town.

7. Pandago


Pandago is part of the foodpanda group, so you can rely on their large network of riders to provide the best last mile delivery service. They can cross borders up to 10KM from your location but they only cater items that fit within the dimensions of the pandago delivery bag, and cannot exceed 5kg.

8. Matdespatch

Founded in 2016, with a cloud technology platform and digital only approach, Matdespatch was born to disrupt the conventional same-day delivery service. Since then, we have invested in our technology development to cater to the various requirements of our customers and our service has expanded within the supply chain industry that includes courier express, transportation, warehousing, and cross-border delivery.

9. Halo Express

Halo Delivery On- Demand Delivery Service

Established in July 2018, they are an emerging delivery service that focuses on creating a platform uniting software, merchant and delivery agent to make on-demand and same-day delivery. They have specialized categories including delivering frozen food. Additionally, they are able to deliver 40 km from city to rural area.

What To Consider Before Using Any Delivery Service

1. Area Coverage

Some companies may cover only Klang Valley and some cover city center areas. You may need to check their delivery range too.

2. Speed of Service

An important consideration as customers will expect what they ordered within the time given. Having a clear delivery estimation may help both customer and seller to manage.

3. Insurance Policy

Choose a company that offers an insurance policy in their service. When something bad happens during delivery, at least your damaged goods are covered.

4. Tracking Capability

Go for a delivery service that offers real-time tracking capabilities. It really can give you and your customer a peace of mind as they allow clients to know exactly where their package is and where it has been.

5. Customer Support & Service

When issues arise, you get a point of contact to call. So it’s considered smart to go with a smaller, locally-established company.

6. Price Range

Another factor to consider but not always the determining factor. Cheapest doesn’t mean better. Always go for quality service at an affordable rate.

How To Compare The Best Delivery Service in Malaysia

You can easily compare and filter all the best delivery services by using aggregators like Delyva.


Login, or sign up for a new account.

After login, click at the Same Day delivery option like below.

Choose your preferred delivery services and fill in the pickup and delivery address. You can select other services to compare availability and delivery rate. Once decided, continue with the booking.


With an uprising of companies that offer delivery services, getting the right services that suit your business needs is essential. But one important rule remains, the item must be delivered within a day and arrived in a pristine condition. With Delyva, you can easily choose and consider which delivery services that match perfectly with your business.

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