Faster International Express Delivery with Ninja Van Cross Border

Are you looking for reliable and efficient cross-border shipping solutions? Look no further than Ninja Van cross-border service! With Ninja Van extensive pick-up and delivery coverage, competitive pricing, and convenient features, we make international shipping easier and more accessible than ever before. Let’s dive into what sets Ninja Van apart:

1. Coverage

We provide shipping services from West Malaysia to various destinations, including Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Here’s a breakdown of delivery durations:

  • Singapore: 3 – 5 days
  • Philippines (Manila): 3 – 11 days
  • Philippines (Rest of the country): 3 – 22 days
  • Vietnam (Hanoi): 5 – 10 days
  • Vietnam (Rest of the country): 6 – 14 days

2. De Minimis Value

To ensure smooth customs clearance, we adhere to de minimis value regulations for each destination:

  • Singapore: Maximum SGD 400
  • Philippines: Maximum PHP 10,000
  • Vietnam: Maximum VND 1,000,000


3. Dimension and Weight Limit

Your parcels must meet certain dimensions and weight limits to be eligible for shipping:

  • Maximum 100cm per side
  • Length + Width + Height not exceeding 200cm
  • Maximum weight of 30kg


4. Sending Your Parcel

Ninja Van offer convenient pickup services at your doorstep with no minimum parcel requirement, available on weekdays. Alternatively, you can drop off your parcels at designated Ninja Van Points. Only available in Peninsular Malaysia.

Ninja Van Point:


5. Prohibited Items

To ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards, please review Prohibited Item List before shipping. Delivery is not available for items on this list, and shippers are responsible for any costs incurred due to incorrect item declarations.


6. Delivery Pricing

Delivery pricing is calculated based on parcel weight, determined by either actual or volumetric weight (VM), whichever is higher. Use the DelyvaNow platform to check rates and estimate your shipping costs.


7. Additional Charges

Certain destinations may incur additional charges upon delivery, such as re-delivery fees and high-value handling charges. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these charges before shipping to avoid any surprises.

With Ninja Van cross-border service, international shipping has never been easier. Experience seamless logistics solutions and reliable delivery to your customers worldwide.

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