How to manage e-commerce returns and exchanges with DelyvaNow Return Solution

Managing returns and exchanges is an integral part of running an e-commerce business. However, it can be complex and time-consuming without the right tools and processes in place. Fortunately, DelyvaNow offers a comprehensive Return Solution designed to streamline and simplify this aspect of your business operations.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can effectively use DelyvaNow Return Solution to seamlessly manage e-commerce returns and exchanges.

DelyvaNow Return Solution comes in two parts:

  1. Your Branded Return Page
    • This platform allows your customers to submit return or exchange requests, providing details such as return type, order number, tracking number, personal information, product information, and preferred return method (drop-off or courier pick-up).
    • Customize the page with your logo and terms and conditions, replacing traditional methods like email or return forms.
    • Access your branded return page by logging into the DelyvaNow portal, navigating to Returns, and clicking on Branded Return Page.



DelyvaNow Branded Return Page
DelyvaNow Branded Return Page


2. Return Portal

    • Accessible through the DelyvaNow portal sidebar menu under Returns.
    • Upon submission of a return request by your customer, you’ll receive an email notification and can review requests in the Return Portal under Pending Returns.
    • Here, you can accept or reject return requests, modify return information, and update return methods and couriers.
    • If a return request is rejected, your customer will be notified via email.
    • If accepted, a courier return label will be generated, and your customer will receive instructions and the return label.
    • Once the product is returned and the return process is completed (exchange or refund), update the return request status to completed.


DelyvaNow Return Portal


Managing e-commerce returns and exchanges doesn’t have to be a headache. With DelyvaNow Return Solution, you can streamline the entire process, from returns initiation to resolution, and provide your customers with a seamless and hassle-free experience. Take advantage of this powerful tool to optimize your e-commerce operations and delight your customers at every touchpoint.

DelyaNow Return Solution comes together with DelyvaNow+ subscription plan and is also available on DelyvaNow Basic pay-per-use plan if you enable Branded Tracking Page, Return Page and Notifications – charges apply).

To start using DelyvaNow Return Solution, enable the Branded Tracking Page, Return Page, and Notifications in DelyvaNow Portal > Settings.


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