How to order with Maynuu food delivery app


I guess everyone is looking for a way to limited their touch with the outside world. So people are choosing food delivery services to get their food rather than going to the outside.


How do I place an order on Maynuu?!

1. You can scan a QR code or just head on to the store’s social media to get the store links.

Do I have to open an account on Maynuu to buy from their merchant?

No, you don’t! Just head on to your merchant, but make sure your restaurant sellers are onboard in Maynuu platform.


Buy from Maynuu food delivery

2. Once you click on their store link, you will be redirected to their site like this. You can scroll down and see the store menu to order it. There will be types of menu such as “Drinks”, “Cakes” according to the restaurant menus.


Maynuu - Choose your food and drinks

3. Once you have the final order, you can put it in the cart for checkout.

Maynuu - Add to cart

4. Once you put it in the cart, choose your selected time and date accordingly. You can schedule the delivery time and date based on your preferred time.

Maynuu - Select order time and date

Maynuu - Select best order time and date

5. Once you selected the date and time, you can click on check out the order

Maynuu - view order summary

6. Once you clicked on checkout, you will need to choose delivery services. Either you want it to be collected (self-pickup) or delivered by a courier provider.

Maynuu - Select self-pick up of food delivery


7. If you choose to be delivered, you have to key in your address for the system to be shown the delivery quotation

Maynuu - Select delivery service provider

8. And finally! Pay it by using online banking and you’re done! Of course, you can opt for online banking. And click on PROCEED!

Maynuu - Select payment method

Maynuu - Proceed make payment

9. Once an order is paid, a confirmation receipt like the below will be produced, and click on send your ORDERS through WhatsApp. Orders will be sent through WhatApps like images. You may click on the link given to view the order status.

Maynuu - send message the restaurant to confirm your order

Maynuu - Restaurant accept and acknowledge your order

10. Once you click on the delivery status it will open like this and all the order status will be shown like this. You can click on the VIEW receipt to view your receipt and once the order gets pick-up by a rider for delivery, you can view the live tracking as per below.

Maynuu - Wait for delivery

delivery tracking

Maynuu - Call your food delivery rider if there is any issue

Finally! Time to eat. Easy peasy. Thank you, woodfire Ampang. This is golden good! Go and buy it from here.

Maynuu - Enjoy your food

Videos on placing an order in Maynuu

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