Shipped your item with Janio and enjoy cheaper rates to Singapore with NO Min pickup!


Shipped your International Item with Janio on DelyvaNow. Planning to deliver your item to Singapore or United States of America (USA). We can help you! With cheaper rates given, you can now deliver your item out of Malaysia.

Janio is now available with DelyvaNow to handle your international shipment to deliver from Malaysia to Singapore and the United States! Designed to simplify your deliveries across borders in mind, all you need to do is just to book for Janio at here wait for pick up at your doorstep and we’ll get it delivered within the estimated delivery time frame stated below! Janio as your trusted International courier prices as stated below!

Singapore (delivered within 5-7 working days) – From RM22.66

United Stated (delivered within 10-11 working days) – From RM91.66

More info for shipment with Janio delivery

  • Pick up available within Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Book before 11 pm for same-day pick up.
  • Pick-up time is from 9.30 am – 6.00 pm.
  • Your document or parcel will be picked up by a third party courier and delivered by Janio
  • Maximum weight: 25-30kg
  • Maximum dimension : 90 x 90 x 90cm
  • Parcel weight will be determined by either actual or volumetric weight (VW) or whichever is higher.
  • VW formula =(height x width x length)cm / 5000
  • All rates quoted are net rate inclusive of shipping fee except address correction fee by courier, customs duty and taxes, temporary import-export charges, import taxes or duties, and shipment return charges.


How to Booked for Janio on DelyvaNow

Step 1: Click on New Order and fill in all the details as per required.

Step 2: Fill in receiver details correctly, as per postcode, if the place didn’t have one. Please just insert the country name to fill in the fields. Choose destination country on receiver details.

Step 3: Fill the fields with the correct information for the item including prices. This is to prevent any difficulties during the custom checks.

Step 4: Choose Janio and click on Pay Shipment to proceed with printing the Consignment notes.

Then you good to go! It’s as easy as eating peanuts. Quote your shipment here!

Save time and money on your delivery