Launch Your Online Business With Shopee Malaysia

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Online shopping now has reached massive attention from a wide audience. Many people are choosing online shopping because of its convenience. 

One of the leading e-commerce websites is Shopee Malaysia. They sell many things under numerous categories; you just need to search for the item. 

Other than being very user-friendly, it is a great channel for those that are selling physical goods and want to get additional sales.

Plus, with so many discounts given by Shopee Malaysia to buyers, now is an excellent time to ride the wave. 

How to launch your online business with Shopee Malaysia? Just follow these steps and you can get started right away.

#1 Downloading the app and registeration

First things first, download the Shopee Malaysia mobile app. Then register an account on the Shopee app. It is really mobile friendly so you don’t have to worry about doing in on your phone. As long as you have internet connection. 

#2 Setting up a seller account

Once you have registered a Shopee account, you need to sign up as a seller to list your products on Shopee. You can use either your name or your brand’s name. 

It is advisable to sign up using email instead of your Facebook account. It is because it will link to your Facebook profile, and your Shopee store URL will display your Facebook profile name instead of your business or brand. By using email, you can customize the URL later. 

#3 Uploading and listing your products 

Now, it is time to start selling on Shopee! If you have taken photos of your products previously, you can select the images and include the necessary description of it, then upload it via the app. 

If you haven’t yet, you can use Shopee’s built in camera app to take photos and upload it directly. You can also use filters to beautify your products’ images to make them look more attractive which is really important if you want to get people to buy. 

#4 Cost of selling on Shopee

Shopee now charges a 1% transaction fee which you will only be charged if you get sales. You can think of the transaction as marketing spend that Shopee use to attract more shoppers.

This is still very low even for new online sellers. Other platforms may take a commission as high as 10% for sales made on that platform. 

#5 Receiving payment 

One of the best things about Shopee is their in-app chat function that allows potential customers to chat with you to get more info on the products before purchasing. You can use that opportunity to better convert them into customers.  

Customers have multiple options in terms of payment. They can make payment through online banking, credit/debit card, shopeePay, and even cash deposit/ATM. 

Payment will go through Shopee first. You can withdraw the payment only after the customer have received the item and mark the item as received. It usually takes 1-2 days for the payment to transfer to your bank account. 

#6 Delivery 

Even though you are selling on Shopee marketplace, the inventory is still handled by you as the seller. This means that you will have to pack and deliver the order to customers when you receive orders from Shopee. 

To be more efficient in the shipping process, you can use an online shipping solution like Delyva. Using Delyva will help you save a lot more time and reduce your cost because you can book deliveries online. 

This means that if you are sending items using PosLaju, you don’t have go out and wait in line to post over the counter. Book PosLaju using Delyva, print the consignment note and PosLaju will come and collect the items from you at home or shop.  

Akmal Syahirah

Akmal is a marketer at Delyva. She runs social media and connects with the Delyva community.

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