Latest List of Next Day Delivery Courier Services You Can Use Today! (2023)

What is Next Day Delivery Courier Service?

Next-day delivery or simply a 24-hour delivery service allows customers to receive their goods within 1-2 days of buying them online. So as online business owners, having a next-day delivery is essential to attract customers to buy from you.
Similarly, the processes are much the same as the standard courier services. The only difference is that they have a cut-off pickup or drop time that they are able to deliver within a day.

Characteristics of Next-Day Delivery Courier Service

1. Pick Up Delivery

Courier services will have a collection time or cut-off time during booking to qualify a next day delivery. It varies depending on location. Usually, our local services will pick up before 3 pm.

2. Fast Delivery

Customers can expect a delivery on the next day of their purchase. A service that has a lesser risk of delays. As long as the pickup is within the given time frame

3. Fair Price

Compared with a Same Day Delivery service, 24 hours delivery is more affordable.

4. Insurance & Security of Parcel

Some services may impose a higher insurance and security pricing, as Next Day delivery has a higher failed delivery rate.

How To Arrange Next Day Delivery?

You can arrange it at any logistic services’ website that offers a Next Delivery Service. But it’ll take you a longer time to choose the suitable services with the right price. Instead, you can use an aggregator like Delyva.

Use Delyva As Delivery Platform

After login, just fill in both pickup and delivery postcode in the Instant Quote.

Then a whole list of logistic services that covers your delivery will appear. Some services have indications of its delivery performance. Book a service that you preferred.

List Of Next Day Delivery Service in Malaysia

Here are some courier services that offer a Next Day Service.

1. DHL


DHL eCommerce offers a more affordable rate for e-commerce business owners while ensuring security of your package to arrive on the next day.

2. Poslaju

Our local courier hero! Pos Laju have won loyalty of most Malaysians and currently having the most wide local delivery network. Even with high demand, they’ll try to meet the customer’s expectation.

3. Pickupp

Having expanded to Malaysia in 2018, Pickupp started offering last-mile delivery services in Malaysia and even partnered up with local courier companies like Kirimman, ParcelHub and Parcel Daily.
Offers deliveries from as low as RM4.50, Pickupp also offers same-day and standard delivery services that take one to three days, allowing customers to choose the service that suits their needs.

4. Ninjavan

The ideal selection for our local e-commerce sellers. Ninja Van offers a very competitive rate with other courier services while still being a very quick and reliable courier.

5. Line Clear

lineclear logo delyva

Line Clear Express integrates the latest technology and infrastructure into their business operations to meet shipping requirements of any size. It’s an emerging courier service in Malaysia, tackling precision delivery with affordable rates. They offers a clear package for Next Day Delivery services

6. J&T Express

Our local e-commerce business favorites. Similar to Pos Laju with competitive rates, they also strive to meet the 24 hours delivery time.

7. KEX Express (Formerly known as ABX Express)

Personally, it’s a dark horse of courier services in Malaysia. They actually have around 2500+ delivery vehicles operating daily and 720+ service locations around Malaysia. After 38 years of courier servicing experience, they are now known as KEX Express.

8. Flash Express

flash express courier service

Flash Malaysia Express offers businesses for a free door to door pick up, low COD rate, 365 days delivery operations with no holidays. They are determined to provide fast, and reliable courier services, aiming to become the No.1 integrated e-Commerce solution provider in Southeast Asia.

9. Pgeon Delivery

Pgeon Delivery eCommerce Integration with WooCommerce Shopify Magento EasyStore Shoppegram

An all-rounder choice for domestic shipments. Pgeon opt for paperless service and offers a free pickup.


Thanks to innovation and technology like Delyva, business owners can now offer a better delivery solution. No matter whether it’s a next day delivery or even a standard courier service, you still need to rely on someone who can get it on time. So that you are able to keep on growing a satisfied customer base.

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