Online Restaurant Made Simple With Maynuu


Restaurant competition is intense, and you’ll need to give it your best to succeed. We’re here to help your restaurant business with Maynuu that will give a better customer ordering experience.

Since covid-19 hit Malaysia. Many of us are taking extra precautions with a stay-at-home. Even though, food and beverage businesses have been granted to keep do business.

Level Up your restaurant with Maynuu

1. Head on to Maynuu website here.

You may register for free via this link to Maynuu

Online Restaurant Made Simple With Maynuu

2. Click on Register

Once you’ve registered, you will be redirected to a page to create your new business, as follows:

Maynuu - Register for free

3. Basic Details

Fill in your business name, and the address of the physical store where your products will be collected from.

The phone number should be of a mobile phone that has WhatsApp installed so that you can communicate directly with them.

Maynuu - Restaurant Basic Details

Here you can write a brief description of your brand or business. This will not be shown on your store’s front page; it is mainly for SEO and social media purposes. It will be shown on social media link previews, such as when you share your shop’s URL (link) on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Then, select your Time Zone and Currency if it isn’t already automatically detected.

For Shop Charges, we suggest selecting Auto Charge for a start.
What this means: Maynuu’s small platform fee is billed to the customer. You will receive 100% of your sales revenue.

   Platform fees in Malaysia: 5% + RM 1.00 per transaction
   Platform fees in Singapore: 5% + SGD 0.50 per transaction 

If you wish to absorb some or all of the platform fees on your customers’ behalf, then select Custom Charge. You can state the percentage later (in your Dashboard, under Edit Business > Pricing Details) once you’ve finished creating your business.

Maynuu - Setup Restaurant Details

Maynuu - Food delivery and payments

Once you did complete all information, you will see a dashboard like below.

Maynuu - Dashboard

4. Customize your shop

Once you have finished creating your business, the next step will be to set up your operational details and product offerings.

If you choose to set up now, this is where you’ll be able to populate your shop with the following information:

  1. Add Logo
  2. Add Banner
  3. Add Write-ups
  4. Add social media for links

Maynuu - Customer Your Shop

Maynuu - Customer Your Shop Social Media

5. Edit Business

a. Business Details

Fill in all the business details accordingly.

Maynuu - Business Details

b. Ordering Flow

Do your store have a pre-order system or any selectable time, can please stated the order flow here.

Maynuu - Ordering Flow

c. Pricing details

Pricing details. To state the minimum order, state if you have additional charges and set it up to Auto charges or custom charges.

Maynuu - Food Pricing Details

d. Payment Options

Payment option details for set-up on payment type and payment gateway.

Maynuu - Payment Options

e. Delivery Options

By default, Maynuu will request motorcycle delivery for orders below 8 items. You can change this setting in Edit Business > Delivery Options. You can also for a car delivery when you mark an item as bulky/fragile, and we will only quote for car deliveries when customers places it in their cart.

Maynuu delivery option is being supported by DelyvaNow platform.

Maynuu - Delivery Options

f. Banking details

And also your banking details for settlements later.

Maynuu - Your Restaurant Banking Details

6. Outlets

If you have any other outlets for your restaurant. You may insert it here.

Maynuu - Restaurant Outlets

7. Time Slots

Daily operating time. If you need to put a limit on how many orders you could take, fill up the orders per hour field.

Maynuu - Restaurant Operating Time Slots

8. Categories

We recommend filling out these details in sequence.

For example, you must Add categories first before you can add items.

  • Enter the names of categories (e.g. Starters, Mains, Beverages) then click Update Shop
  • This way, when you keyboard to tab to or click on the Categories field under Add items, a drop-down list will appear where you can easily select the correct category your item belongs to

Maynuu - Food Categories

9. Option Sets

If your order has options set or package can insert the information here too in the menu.

Maynuu - Food Options


Coupons are where you can run promotions with coupon codes. The coupon code is case-insensitive, meaning any case will be accepted. You can choose to apply the discounted value to either total price, subtotal price, or shipping price. You can apply based on percentage, amount, or both. You can also limit to certain minimum order, maximum discounted amount, redemption number, or dates.

Maynuu - Discount Coupons

10. Orders

This is where all your confirmed orders are. Orders will only be considered accepted when customers click on Send Your Order and open WhatsApp, or any of the parties click on the link in the WhatsApp order summary.

Maynuu - Manage Your Orders

11. Settlements

If you activate Maynuu Stripe MY or SecurePay payment gateway, they will handle the settlement to your banking account. With Maynuu settlement, you will get your payments within 1 to 2 business days, as opposed to other payment gateways, which could be from 5 to 10 business days.

For deliveries, Maynuu will only deduct the delivery charge from the order payment if delivery was completed. If delivery is not completed by our delivery partner or delivery was changed to Manual Delivery, the delivery charges will be reimbursed in a settlement.

The settlement will be generated every day, one day after the business day. The settlement will be separated by each outlet if you have multiple outlets.

Earning calculation

For Stripe MY, Stripe SG, and SecurePay, here’s how Maynuu calculates the earning.

Auto Charge

With the Auto Charge setting, we set the charges for customers to make sure all costs are covered. We simply take the subtotal price (all item prices time quantities)

If a shipment is completed by the system:

Earning = Subtotal Price

If a shipment is manual, incomplete, or using in-house fulfillment:

Earning = Subtotal Price + Shipping Price

Custom Charge

With Custom Charge, the calculation is a bit more complex.

For SecurePay

Earning = Total Price – Shipping Price* – (Subtotal Price x Platform Fee (5%) + Payment Gateway Fee)

For Stripe MY & Stripe SG

Earning = Total Price – Shipping Price* – (Total Price x Platform Fee (5%) + Payment Gateway Fee)

* If a shipment is manual, incomplete, or using in-house fulfillment, the Shipping Price will not be deducted from the calculation.

Maynuu - Fast Settlements

Why do you need to use Maynuu?!

✅ A better customer experience for your customers
With Maynuu customers can just click on the provided to buy and have their food ready accordingly.
✅ An easy platform with integrated and centralized delivery and payment gateway
Manage all of your orders in one place. View your order details, your customers, delivery locations, and much more information in just one platform
✅ 100% profit belongs to the sellers
Well, Maynuu does not take any profit per transaction or etc. All the profit belongs to the sellers solely.
Restaurant owners can now boost their profits by focusing on marketing and analyzing sales rather than worries about the operation to optimizing your resources in this pandemic time.
Awesome right?!

How to market your restaurant online?

Well, you are done with set-up your restaurant and menu online. Now let’s move on to how do we marketing your restaurant online?

First of all, we all know that sometimes getting your brand or restaurant name online takes a lot of effort and resources. But no worries, we will help list all the tips needed to get you on the right track.



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