How to deliver motorcycles?

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1. On your dashboard, click New Order > Single Order

posmoto MURAH

2. Fill in the sender and receiver details at 1. ‘Sender Details’ & ‘2. Receiver Details’

posmoto MURAH

posmoto MURAH

3. For the item type, choose MOTORCYCLES and put your motorcycle CC in the Item Type section. For example 500

posmoto MURAH

4. Please fill in your motorcycle details in the Notes section for courier reference

5. Select the date & time your motorcycle is ready to be picked up

6. Choose ‘POSMOTO’ as the courier service provider

posmoto MURAH

7. Choose any preferred add-ons services (optional)

  • Helmet Delivery +RM15
  • Motorcycle Wrapping +RM20
  • Insurance +RM1.06 or 1% from motorcycle value, whichever is higher

8. Choose Credit Balance as your Payment Method

9. The system will generate a consignment note label if your order is successful

posmoto MURAH

Kindly print out the consignment note label and prepare the owner’s IC copy, grant copy, cover not copy (if applicable) & any supporting documents. These documents need to be given to the driver upon pick up.

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