How to book a delivery?

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  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click on “New Shipment”
  3. Fill up the Pick-up and Drop-off details
  4. Fill up your Item details by choosing your package type, item size, and item declaration
  5. Choose your preferred delivery service. Once you have selected the pickup date and time then all the available service will appear
  6. After selecting your delivery service, you can write instruction note for the delivery. Then choose whether a pick-up for your package or you drop-off the package yourself at the nearest courier center based on the delivery service (note: drop-off is not available for MatDespatch services)
  7. Next, you can see a Summary of all the information you have put so you can review it first in case there is a mistake before you proceed to payment
  8. Pay and confirm order
    If you don’t have credit balance, you can top-up and continue with your order

  9. After you complete the booking, the shipping label or consignment note will appear. Print the shipping label or consignment note and attach to your items.


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