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Make sure to follow the guidelines below to ensure your package when it will get gets picked up on your pickup day. If these aren’t followed, your package will be hold or reject by courier partners.

Below are the Dangerous Good which our courier partners DO NOT PICK UP:

  1. Explosive (Eg: Munitions, Fireworks)
  2. Flammable / Toxic Gas (Eg: Oxygen, Lighter, Aerosols)
  3. Flammable Liquid (Eg: Petrol, Turpentine, heating Fuels)
  4. Flammable Solid (Eg: Matches, Sulphur, Metals Powders)
  5. Oxidising (Eg: Matches, Sulphur, Metals Powders)
  6. Toxic (Eg: Cyanide, Clinical wastes, Biological Samples)
  7. Radioactive (Eg: Uranium, Medical Equipment)
  8. Corrosive (Eg: Acids, Alkalis)
  9. Miscellanous (Eg: Dry Ice, Engines, Lithium ion batteries)

Meanwhile, Below are the RESTRICTED ITEM Cannot be Sent:

  1. Drug & Tobacco
  2. Live Plant
  3. Pornographic Materials
  4. Cash / Currency note
  5. Live Animal
  6. Original Official Document such as (Birth Certificate, Identity Card, Passport etc)
  7. Firearms / Weapons
  8. Jewelleries
  9. IATA Restricted Items
  10. Human remains / Organ

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