Maximize Your Savings on International Shipping with Amilo International

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Amilo International courier service provider, an International cross-border courier service provider that delivers to over 200 countries and territories worldwide. With Amilo International on board, DelyvaNow users can now ship their packages to more destinations than ever before, all while enjoying competitive rates and exceptional service.

Why Choose Amilo International?

Amilo International in partnership with Bpost (Belgian Post Group) is committed to providing reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you are shipping documents or parcels, Amilo International offers a range of delivery options to suit your requirements, including economy and express services.

With Amilo International, you can expect:

  • Global coverage: With a network of trusted partners around the world, Amilo International can deliver to over 200 countries and territories, including hard-to-reach destinations.
  • Competitive rates: As a DelyvaNow user, you can enjoy discounted rates for your shipments with Amilo International.
  • Fast and efficient service: Amilo International’s express services offer delivery within 2-5 business days, while standard and economy services provide cost-effective solutions for less time-sensitive shipments.
  • Easy tracking and management: DelyvaNow’s integration with Amilo International allows you to track your shipments and manage your orders all in one place.
  • Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) compliant for deliveries in the EU.


Why Choose DelyvaNow for eCommerce International Shipping?

  • Discounted Rates – Save money on every delivery with our cost-effective international shipping rates.
  • More Markets – Sell and ship your parcels to more than 200+ countries
  • Insurance Protection – Protect your international shipments against the risk of damage or loss with claims up to MYR5,000
  • Great Support – Live support 365 days a year.
  • Easy Integration – Integrate with your leading shopping cart and social commerce apps like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, EasyStore, Ejen2u, FastOrder, Orderla, KiahStore, or your custom system for a more seamless cross-border eCommerce experience.
  • Real-time Courier Rates – Display live international courier rates on the checkout page to provide options to your customers, automatically. Eliminate overpaying or underpaying for international shipping.
  • Streamlined Process – Ship your international orders faster through automated shipping workflows. No matter which international courier, track all your international shipments in one place.
  • Instant Updates – Send real-time tracking notifications to your buyers via Email & SMS
  • Branded Experience – Enhance your buyers’ experience by placing your logo, name, support details & promotions on your tracking page with our Branded Tracking & Notifications feature.


Amilo International Shipping Rates Guide

To help you understand the pricing structure of Amilo International’s services, we have created a new rates guide that outlines the costs for shipping to various destinations around the world. You can access the rates guide on our website and use it to calculate the cost of your shipments before placing your orders.

Amilo International – Economy

Country / Region Max Weight (kg) Delivery Time (Working days) Price (MYR) for 100g
USA 2 9-13 53.02
United Kingdom 2 5-8 32.35
France 2 5-8 25.83
Germany 2 5-9 31.39
Italy 2 7-10 38.96
Belgium 2 6-9 30.03
South Korea 2 5-8 28.67
Japan 2 9-14+ 38.93
Hong Kong 2 5-8 29.33
Canada 2 8-14+ 43.82
Australia 2 6-12 45.63
UAE 2 5-8 31.74
Indonesia 2 6-12 27.78
New Zealand 2 8-14 42.03
Thailand 2 5-8 29.37
China 2 6-12 28.35
Saudi Arabia 2 9-14+ 37.93
Turkey 2 9-11 34.87
Singapore 2 2 – 3 20.21

Please use our instant quotation feature to check for the latest rates for other countries.


Amilo International – Economy – Semi-Tracked

For Semi-Tracked, tracking status updates only up to pick-up success. No delivery tracking status update.

Country / Region Max Weight (kg) Delivery Time (Working days) Price (MYR) for 100g
Vietnam 2 6-14 14.73
India 2 6-12 15.50
Philippines 2 8-12 15.30
Taiwan 2 5-8 14.71
Brunei 2 11-14+ 23.94
Qatar 2 9-14+ 22.76

Please use our instant quotation feature to check for the latest rates for other countries.


Amilo International – Express

Country / Region Max Weight (kg) Delivery Time (Working days) Price (MYR) for 500g
USA 20 2-5 113.18
United Kingdom 20 2-5 110.13
France 20 2-5 110.13
Germany 20 2-5 110.13
Italy 20 2-5 110.13
Belgium 20 2-5 110.13
South Korea 20 2-5 93.60
Japan 20 2-5 92.45
Hong Kong 20 2-5 71.03
Canada 20 2-5 123.18
Australia 20 2-5 110.37
UAE 20 2-5 173.43
Indonesia 20 2-5 125.00
New Zealand 20 2-5 117.27
Thailand 20 2-5 81.70
China 20 2-5 106.62
Saudi Arabia 20 2-5 173.43
Turkey 20 2-5 131.48

Please use our instant quotation feature to check for the latest rates.



  • HS Code is mandatory, at least 6 digits.
  • Weight up to 2kg; L+W+H < 90cm; L ≤ 60cm
  • Under-declared weight will be penalised with an additional 50% of the delivery price.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to fuel surcharge changes every week.
  • More countries and regions coming soon.


How to book Amilo International courier service?

To book Amilo International courier service, you need to log in to your DelyvaNow account and choose Amilo International courier service upon booking an order

New to DelyvaNow?

Sign up here if you do not have a DelyvaNow account, and check out How to book a delivery here.

If you have further questions, we are here to help! You can reach us at our Live chat (Everyday 8 AM – 10 PM).


Last but not least, DelyvaNow is always working hard to make sure that you have the best possible delivery experience. We strive to provide you with the best customer service and give you the tools that will help your business grow faster.

We will continue expanding the list of courier services in order to help our customers deliver faster, better, and more efficiently. In addition, it will also help you expand your business in a timely manner.

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