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Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts 

  1. To ensure your package delivered safely and on time, please ensure you follow these packaging guidelines and procedures: 
  2. Firstly, remember to always label your package with our Consignment Note or Tracking Number. For third-party services, you must use the provided Consignment Note. i.e. Poslaju service. 
  3. Remove any markings or labels on the package that is no longer applicable. 
  4. For packages with multiple items inside, please wrap each item individually before placing them in a box. 
  5. Use adequate cushioning material (i.e.: bubble wrap, crumpled paper, etc). 
  6. Use strong tape to secure your box or parcel. 
  7. Properly seal your package to avoid exposure to foreign elements (i.e. direct sunlight, rainwater, dust, etc). 
  8. Do not use string or paper over-wrap. 
  9. For odd or irregular-shaped items, please wrap and tape all sharped edges or protrusions. 

 Courier flyers 

You may use any flyers or courier bags you have. Just make sure to attach the shipping label/consignment note generated by DelyvaNow. 

We also offer our specially designed courier flyers to DelyvaNow customers. You may purchase the flyers from our online shop or get them for free when you select a certain top-up plan. View top-up plans here. 

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