How does DelyvaNow works?

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DelyvaNow allows you to compare and book the cheapest or the best-performing courier service & delivery service, and automate order fulfillment +return process and notifications.

When you incorporate DelyvaNow into your business process, you will be able to

  • Save money with discounted courier rates or link your own courier account;
  • Save time by streamlining your eCommerce delivery and return processes;
  • Improve repeat purchases by choosing the fastest, best-performing courier service;
  • Provide better post-purchase experiences to your customers with automated notifications, estimated delivery date, and branded features: tracking page, notifications, & return page;


Here’s how: 

After you successfully sign up, you will get access to DelyvaNow customer portal –


  1. To start booking delivery with DelyvaNow, please top-up DelyvaNow credit at Top-up.
  2. If you plan to use Cash On Delivery (COD) service, please ensure you have updated your bank information to avoid delay in settlement in Settings > Billing & Bank information.
  3. There are 4 ways to start sending orders to your customers:
    • i) Manual order placement. Kindly check out How to Book.
    • ii) Import bulk order order (excel file) in Import bulk orders.
    • ii) Use Instabook to collect the delivery information from the buyer and reduce typos.
    • iii) eCommerce integration – if you have an e-commerce website or platform. Kindly check out our Integration tutorial for more details. Ready plug-ins available for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, EasyStore, Shoppegram, Ejen2U, Bizapp, Orderla, and more.
    • iv) DelyvaNow mobile app – available on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.
  4. Once the order(s) has been booked. Pack your item properly and print the shipping label (consignment note / AWB) and attach it to the packaged item. If you are shipping to other countries (including Sabah/Sarawak), please include the invoice, packing list, and import permit (if required by the destination country).
  5. To avoid pick-up delay you may drop it off at the respective nearest courier branch or wait for courier partners to pick up the package. Each courier or delivery service has a different pick-up service level, please refer to the service description before booking.
  6. You and your customers will be able to automatically receive WhatsApp, email & SMS (add-on) notifications of the delivery status. Enable notifications in Settings > Notifications.
  7. Select your preferred couriers in Settings > Service providers – simply pick and move your chosen couriers to the right and click Save.
  8. Branded Tracking Page & Notifications for better post-purchase experiences can be enabled by subscribing to DelyvaNow+ and setting up your brand at Settings > Branded Tracking & Notifications.
  9. Branded Return Page allows you to have a more streamlined and better experience for your return and exchange process –  subscribe to DelyvaNow+ and contact our Live Chat to enable this feature.
  10. Link your own account with DelyvaNow+.


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