Goods in transit insurance

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This coverage is against loss of or damage to the goods by theft or accidental means (except as provided in the exclusion) whilst in transit:

  • in or on or being loaded on or unloaded from any road vehicle.
  • or whilst temporary housed in the ordinary course of transit whether on or off the said conveyance within the territorial limit.

Interest Insured

On lawful General Cargo (non-hazardous) and / or no fragile nature inclusive consumer goods, general industry machinery and equipment, except the following goods category :

  • Antiques / work of arts, all valuable items such as jewellery, precious metals, precious stones, currency, stamps, coins and similar kind.
  • Highly attractive / target goods – computer, mobile phone, smart phone, iPad / tablet, valuable watches and cameras, valuable perfumes.
  • Livestock and / or bloodstock.
  • Highly breakable / fragile – Chinaware, crystals, earthenware and glassware.
  • Dangerous, explosive or inflammable nature cargo.
  • Temperature control goods / refer cargo.

Territorial Limit

Shipment within Malaysia


  • Exclude rusting, Oxidization, Discoloration, Denting, Twisting, Bending and Scratching unless caused by insured perils
  • Exclude mlectrical or Mechanical derangement unless caused by insured perils
  • Exclude mysterious disappearance, Unexplained loss in weight/wear, Tear, Moth, Vermin, inherent vice, Gradual deterioration or loss due to faulty nature
  • Exclude pre-existing damages

Excess Terms (Deduction amount payable)

Below RM 1,000.00

  • RM50.00 on each and every loss
    Example: Item value RM600.00, Amount payable by insurance company is RM550.00 after deduction.

Between RM1,000.01 – RM10,000.00

  • RM250.00 on each and every loss
    Example: Item value of RM1,000.00, Amount payable by insurance company is RM750.00 after deduction.

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